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Community commitment and involvement

Boston Children’s at Waltham has never been more proud to be part of the Waltham community. Our passion is to care for children, and we are privileged to do this work every day. In addition to being a mission-driven organization leading the way in pediatric care, we remain committed as an engaged civic leader, strong community partner and good neighbor. This long-standing commitment to and presence in the community has driven us since our arrival in Waltham 13 years ago and it grows stronger every year. From program development, collaboration, and financial support we are helping create lasting impacts in the lives of children and families.

Through our involvement with Waltham-area organizations, we enhance the health and well-being of children and families in the community — a core tenet of Boston Children’s mission.

Creating opportunities for student learning

For more than 30 years, the Waltham Partnership for Youth has focused on identifying the needs of Waltham youth and leveraging resources to meet those needs. Building on our existing internship program the hospital employed three paid interns from Waltham High School. In addition, the hospital continues to host monthly board meetings.

Our primary role in the community is as a convener and a facilitator. If there’s ever a crisis or a need related to health, I know I can call Boston Children’s at Waltham and they’ll be willing to offer resources right away. Having such a dedicated partner at the ready is incredible.

Kaytie Dowcett, Executive Director, Waltham Partnership for Youth

Funding youth-led programs

Learning how to eat healthier. Finding more time for physical activity. Coping with challenges and setbacks. These are all skills that teens need to learn … but how?

Waltham Boys & Girls Club believes it has hit on an answer. “Youth-led programs are proven to be more impactful in engaging teens who need the services most,” says the club’s executive director, Erica Young. With funding from Boston Children’s Collaboration for Community Health, the club launched a new campaign that empowers teens to lead and influence their peers. “We’re already teaching healthy eating, meditation, coping strategies and more,” says Young. Transitioning to youth-facilitated workshops “will make them more appealing and increase participation.”