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Are smartphones and social media harming teens' mental health? Here’s why experts are split

From PBS News Hour. Michael Rich, MD, MPH, is a featured guest.

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Some Mass. students are so anxious, they’re missing school for months on end. What can schools do?

From The Boston Globe. Kevin Simon, MD, MPH, and Kate Tetuan Parent, MSW, LICSW, are quoted. 

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How to strengthen your bones with exercise

From The New York Times. Kathryn Ackerman, MD, MPH, is quoted.

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The State of Black Men and Boys: Part 1

From GBH’s “Basic Black.” Kevin Simon, MD, MPH, is a featured guest.

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Mom noticed a port wine birthmark above her daughter’s eye. It was sign of seizure-causing condition

From TODAY. Boston Children’s patient, Jasmine, is featured. Anna Pinto, MD, PhD, is quoted.

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Mental Health Awareness Month: Bed rotting away

From The Boston Globe’s “The B-Side” (free login required). Keneisha Sinclair-McBride, PhD, is interviewed. 

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