Financial & Billing Matters | Hospital Services & Charges

Download the inpatient or outpatient hospital services performed at Boston Children’s Hospital, the corresponding standard charges and Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes (if applicable). This list does not include charges for most clinician (physician) services, except for some services provided in certain primary care clinics. It is important to note that these listed charges may vary from what is represented on a patient’s bill for healthcare services.

Pharmacy items are priced at the time they are dispensed to patients, based on acquisition cost and may vary. Pharmacy prices shown in the attached file represent average prices and may differ from the charges reflected on a patient’s actual bill.

Certain items are listed with the code “IC”. This stands for “Individual Consideration” and means the price of these items may vary based on the services required for each patient, as determined by the patient’s physician.

This list is not intended to provide all of the information needed to estimate the cost of care. There may be other costs in providing your care (for example, the cost of physician services) that are not included in this list. These standard charges do not necessarily reflect what patients may be required to pay for services provided by Boston Children’s Hospital. For those covered under a health plan, the patient/family should contact their health plan for more information about what services are covered and for information on patient financial responsibility.

If you’d like an estimate for the cost of your care or you have questions, please request an estimate or contact Finance and Billing at 617-355-7201.

Please expect a response to your inquiry in two to three business days.

Cash price for a COVID-19 diagnostic test

Should you wish to pay cash for a COVID-19 diagnostic test at Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH), the prices are as follows.

Test name
Boston Children’s Hospital cash price
COVID-19 RT-PCR (Hologic)
COVID-19 Flu and Respiratory Virus PCR (4 target)
COVID-19 RT-PCR (Altoona-BCH)

*You may be eligible for: (a) financial assistance under Boston Children's Hospital Financial Assistance Policy; (b) a discount under BCH’s Uninsured Patient Discount Policy; or (c) other assistance under federal and state COVID testing funding. Please contact our financial counselors at 617-355-3397 for assistance with determining coverage under your health plan, or eligibility for assistance in the absence of health plan coverage.