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Hospital Services and Charges | Overview

The information provided via the links and tools below is not intended to provide all of the information needed to estimate the cost of care. There may be other costs in providing your care (e.g., the cost of physician services), which are not included in these links. This information also may not reflect the amounts patients will be required to pay for services provided by Boston Children’s Hospital. For those services covered under a health plan, the patient/family should contact their health plan for individual benefit-specific information about what services are covered and the applicable patient financial responsibility. In addition, for more detailed information about the amounts that may be charged in connection with your care or course of treatment, you may contact the Hospital’s Financial Assistance Counselors at (617) 355-7201, or request an estimate to understand of the cost for your care.

Reference key for viewing information provided:


  • IP: Inpatient Hospital Service
  • OP: Outpatient Hospital Service
  • CHD ONC: Congenital Heart Disease and Oncology Hospital Services
  • FS: Fee Schedule


  • Main Location(s)- (Longwood (LW)): Services provided at the following:
    • Boston Children’s Hospital, at 300 Longwood Avenue and 333 Longwood Avenue, Boston
    • Boston Children’s Brookline, at 2 Brookline Place, Brookline
    • Martha Eliot Health Center, at 75 Bickford Street, Jamaica Plain
  • Satellite Locations (SAT): Services provided at:
    • Boston Children’s Waltham, Waltham
    • Boston Children’s Lexington, Lexington
    • Boston Children’s Peabody, Peabody
    • Boston Children’s Weymouth, Weymouth
    • Boston Children’s North Dartmouth, North Dartmouth

Code Types:

  • APR-DRG: All Patients Refined Diagnosis Related Groups
  • MS-DRG: Medicare Severity Diagnosis Related Groups
  • CPT: Current Procedural Terminology
  • HCPCS: Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System
  • RC: Revenue Code

Insurance Terms Short Names:

  • GIC: Group Insurance Commission
  • PHCS: Private Healthcare System
  • BMCHP: Boston Medical Center Health Plan
  • FCHP: Fallon Community Health Plan
  • UBH: United Behavioral Health
  • ETS: Emerging Therapy Solutions
  • URN: United Resource Networks
  • HCVM: Healthcare Value Management
  • MGB: Massachusetts General Brigham

Payer Plan Product Types:

  • HMO: Health Maintenance Organization
  • PPO: Preferred Provider Organization
  • POS: Point of Service
  • Indem: Indemnity
  • COMM: Commercial
  • LOC: Local Members for Harvard Pilgrim
  • NAT: National Members for Harvard Pilgrim
  • FOC: Focus Network Members for Harvard Pilgrim
  • QHP: Qualified Health Plan
  • HOSP RAD: Hospital Radiology
  • MCO: Managed Care Organization
  • NH MCO: New Hampshire Wellsense

Boston Children’s Hospital standard charge information

You may download a list of inpatient and outpatient hospital services performed at Boston Children’s Hospital.  The list includes the Hospital’s gross standard charges for these services, payer-specific negotiated charges, by payer and by plan offered (where applicable for inpatient and outpatient services), de-identified minimum and maximum negotiated charges, and discounted cash prices. There may be additional discounts available based on financial and other circumstances of the patient seeking a discount. Please see the Hospital’s Financial Assistance Policy and Uninsured Patient Discount Policy  for information on eligibility criteria, application and approval processes, and discounts that may be available to patients who meet the eligibility criteria. You may contact the Hospital’s Financial Assistance Counselors at (617)-355-7201 to request information about what additional discounts may be available to you.

Pharmacy items are priced at the time they are dispensed to patients, based on acquisition cost at the time they are dispensed, which may vary on a day to day basis. Pharmacy prices shown in the list represent average prices and may differ from the charges reflected on a patient’s actual bill.

The gross charges for all services and items are those in effect as of October 1, 2023, and the payer-specific negotiated charges are those in effect as of January 1, 2024.

Boston Children’s Hospital 300 Shoppable Services

You may search a list of 300 shoppable services that may be scheduled in advance. This list includes routine and/or ancillary services associated with the shoppable service. These 300 shoppable services represent 70 services identified by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), as well as 230 services most commonly provided by the Hospital. Included in the shoppable services are the average gross charge, the average payer-specific negotiated charges for the services, the average de-identified minimum and maximum negotiated charges and the average discounted cash price.

The average gross charges for all services and items are those in effect as of October 1, 2023. The average payer-specific negotiated charges represent rates in effect as of January 1, 2024.

The information included is not intended to provide all of the information needed to estimate the cost of care. For more information, you may contact the Hospital’s Financial Assistance Counselors at (617) 355-7201 or request an estimate to understand the cost of your care.