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The Growth and Nutrition Program at Boston Children's Hospital provides care for children who have feeding issues or trouble gaining weight. We are a team of doctors, nurses, dietitians, and other clinicians dedicated to helping infants and children overcome feeding problems so they can grow and thrive.

We treat a wide range of children with a variety of conditions related to slow weight gain:

  • Strong dislike of food from past negative experiences or from a medical condition that makes it hard for a child to tolerate certain foods
  • Behavioral difficulties or diagnoses that interfere with a child’s eating
  • Multiple medical issues that cause a child to need a feeding tube to receive nutrition

Our expertise in growth and nutrition

Established in 1984, the Growth and Nutrition Program at Boston Children's was one of the first multidisciplinary programs in the country specifically devoted to feeding and weight problems in early childhood.

If your child under the age of 6 has problems with feeding or weight gain, we offer a full assessment and provide specific recommendations. These recommendations can be managed with our team or in partnership with you and your pediatrician closer to home. If your child is over the age of 6, we may recommend other programs within our hospital that are specifically designed for older children.

If you are a new mother who wants to breastfeed, some of our team members have lactation-consulting certification.

How do you know when it’s more than just picky eating? Read more about what Joecel’s mom learned from our Growth and Nutrition Program and watch her share her advice in both English and Spanish.

Watch: How can I encourage healthy eating habits for my child?

Licensed clinical nutrition specialist Carolina Ruiz-Valenzuela discusses the importance of a balanced, nutritious diet.

Our team approach to feeding and weight problems

Our broad base of expertise will help ensure you have all the tools you need to support your child’s healthy growth. We offer access to a broad set of experts, including:

  • physicians who specialize in gastroenterology and nutrition
  • behavioral psychologists
  • speech andfeeding therapists
  • clinical nutritionists who specialize in early childhood nutrition
  • social workers to help identify and communicate with community resources and providers

Our team will work with you to determine the best plan of care for your child. Our goal is to ensure you have a thorough evaluation and a clear action plan by the end of your first visit.