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Your Visit | Overview

Our goal is to ensure you have a thorough evaluation and a clear action plan by the end of your first visit. Below is some information to help you prepare.

What will an evaluation involve?

During the initial evaluation, you and your child will be seen by a pediatric gastroenterologist or nurse practitioner, a dietitian, a speech pathologist, and a social worker. You may also have a consultation with a behavioral psychologist or a nurse that visits the home. During the evaluation your child will receive a health and nutritional assessment and a complete physical exam. Blood and urine samples may be taken for laboratory tests if needed. We encourage parents and other family members involved in your child's care to be present for the initial evaluation.

How long will the initial appointment take?

Your first visit may last from two to three hours. Follow-up appointments will be shorter, lasting approximately 30 minutes to an hour. It is important that you come 15 minutes prior to you appointment in order for your child to be weighed and measured prior to meeting with providers.

What should I bring with me?

Once you have scheduled your child's first appointment, we will send you a packet of information about the program and forms for you to fill out. Before your visit, fill out the intake form and the food and beverage diary and bring them with you to your child's appointment. Please remember to bring your insurance or Medicaid card, and any additional information you think will help our clinicians better understand your child's eating patterns. It is also a good idea to bring some toys to entertain your child during this longer first visit.

What will happen after the evaluation?

As the evaluation progresses, we will share our impressions and the results of your child’s medical tests with you. When the assessment is complete, we will work as a team and with you to create a treatment plan. This plan may include return visits to Boston Children's. At the end of the visit you can expect to take home written recommendations to help you follow this plan. A written summary of the evaluation will be sent to your child's primary doctor.

How will I pay for my child's care?

If you have Medicaid or an insurance plan that includes doctor visits, you will not have to pay for care other than the usual copay. If your insurance does not cover visits, please discuss this with our staff members on your first visit. Check all bills and call Outpatient Accounting at 617-355-7114 if you have any questions.