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What is ICCTR?

The Boston Children’s Hospital Institutional Centers for Clinical and Translational Research (ICCTR, formerly the CRC) supports investigators in the design, conduct and reporting of clinical and translational studies, along with educating the diverse Boston Children's research community on clinical research best practices.

The ICCTR is made up of four distinct centers.

Biostatistics & Research Design Center

The Biostatistics and Research Design Center provides biostatistical and methodological expertise, and scientific leadership through collaborative relationships with investigators, as well as educational offerings.

Clinical Research Operations Center

The clinical research professionals of the Clinical Research Operations Center provide exceptional support and service to investigators conducting clinical research studies at Boston Children’s Hospital. The Center supports a full spectrum of studies from high-risk interventional trials with experimental therapeutics, and experimental drugs and devices, to the minimal-risk observational clinical research studies

Translational Research Program

The Translational Research Program (TRP) aims to stimulate and facilitate the development of preclinical and, ultimately, human translational trials to improve the care of children with serious conditions.

Office of Investigator Outreach

The Office of Investigator Outreach focuses is on supporting early-career investigators. We provide a single contact point to navigate research resources, educational offerings and career development opportunities at Boston Children’s as well as Harvard Catalyst.

Supporting researchers

Support is provided to investigators at all stages of protocol development and study conduct in order to ensure that research is designed in such a way to maximize benefits and minimize risks to participants in clinical research studies. Partial funding for these services is from the Harvard Catalyst, an NIH-funded Harvard Clinical and Translational Sciences Award (CTSA), which provides increased opportunities for investigator education and collaborations across the Harvard teaching hospitals.

Download a summary of ICCTR, the team, and its centers and services to include in grant submissions.

Citing Harvard Catalyst

The National Institutes of Health requires investigators who use Harvard Catalyst resources and services (e.g., consulting services, Clinical Research Center) or receive funding through Harvard Catalyst (e.g., pilot grants, KL2, CMeRIT awards) acknowledge that support in publications and posters, and comply with NIH Public Access Policy.