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Services Detail Fee
Consultation Genome editing, hiPSC modeling, imaging, image processing, chemical screening project design no cost
hiPSC production Reprogramming, clone picking and expansion
(3 vials per clone)
(does not include clone QC)
hiPSC CRISPR KO (indel) or Knock-In Project Reagents, genotyping assay development and validation, transfection, clone picking and expansion, genotyping. Project-dependent
hiPSC CRISPR Clone Off-Target Indel Analysis Off-target site ranking, PCR assay development, NGS, sequence analysis $500 per clone
hiPSC Transposon Transgenesis Constitutive, DOX-inducible, or reporter gene
(bulk and 3 clones)
(does not include clone QC)
hiPSC Clone QC
Mycoplasma testing, DNA STR FP, karyotyping, immunostaining (additional assays available) $2,000 per clone
Cell Voyager Automated
Confocal Imager
High throughput or time course imaging
(6-1536 well plates)
High Content Chemical Genetics Screening Project-dependent Project-dependent
Transfection device use Thermo Neon, Amaxa 2D, Amaxa 4D no cost (user provides all materials and reagents)

*dependent on staff/instrument availability