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Equipment | Overview

Name Make/Model Functionality Location



Super resolution microscope capable of 30nm resolution. STED is a very easy and user-friendly technique. Literally just swap secondary labelled for Star Red and or Orange fluorophores, that’s it! Really excels at colocalization experiments as well. Huygens decon available for use.

Enders 603

BC43 Andor

Benchtop spinning disk confocal with widefield capabilities. User-friendly software and speedy acquisition. Laser choices are 405nm, 488nm, 561nm and 631nm.

Enders 613

Thunder Leica

High end, automated widefield microscope with full incubation and phase transmission imaging. Excellent characteristics for a widefield with a massive amount of excitation bands including CY7 and Alexa 750 support. Has built in computational clearing methods as well. Absolute breeze at whole slide acquisitions and long-term live experiments.

Enders 403


MERFISH is an automated, spatially resolved single-cell transcriptome profiling technology. MERFISH combines the power of single-cell transcriptomics with spatial biology by directly visualizing and counting up to a billion RNA transcripts from 100’s to 10,000 genes across 1cm2 tissue slices with single-cell resolution

Enders 1300


10x Genomics

generates individually barcoded sequencing libraries for hundreds of thousands of nanoliter volume oil droplets using up to 1.7 million different barcodes

Enders 625

Sh800S Sorter


The optical design offers up to four collinear excitation lasers (488 nm, 405nm, 561nm and 638nm) and six fluorescence detectors. The six free-form PMTs enable detection of fluorescence signals from any laser based on filter selection. Provides the highest level of automation available in any cell sorter, allowing researcher set-up, alignment, calibration and monitoring with a push of a button.

Enders 1300
LSM 880 Zeiss Laser Scanning Confocal microscope with 6 laser lines (405/458/488/514/561/633nm), Fast Airyscan for near super-resolution confocal imaging, LED epifluorescence and halogen brightfield light sources, temperature controlled enclosure, motorized XY stage, piezo-controlled Z-stage, enabled for confocal, brightfield, and DIC, fixed and live cell imaging. Enders 613
Axiovert Spinning Disk Confocal Zeiss  Spinning Disk Confocal microscope with 3 laser lines (488, 568, 640), LED epifluorescence and halogen brightfield light sources, temperature controlled enclosure, motorized XY stage, piezo-controlled Z-stage, enabled for confocal, epifluorescence and brightfield fixed and live cell imaging. Enders 613
BX41 upright Histology Microscope Olympus Upright microscope with a Pixelink PL-D682CU color CMOS camera for brightfield and epifluorescence imaging. Enders 603
Cytation 5 Biotek Automated imaging system with filter cubes for DAPI, Alexa 488, Alexa 568 and Alexa 647 as well as transmitted light. It can accept slides, multiwell plates and 35mm dishes, has incubation capabilities including CO2 and software for automated capture, image processing and analysis.  Enders 620
BZ-X700 Keyence Epifluorescent, brightfield, and phase imaging, image stitching for capturing images larger than one field, automated multiwell plate image sample, structured illumination, live cell imaging with video rate capture and environmental controls and built-in image analysis functions.  Enders 1347
FV300R Olympus Resonant scanning confocal microscope equipped with 4 laser lines (405, 488, 514, and 633 nm), hybrid galvo and fast resonant scanning capabilities, ultra-sensitive GaAsP detectors with full spectral imaging, motorized XYZ stage, air and silicone oil objectives, up to 100X, and advanced image analysis with the Olympus CellSens software  Enders 1347
Kinetic Imaging Cytometer (KIC) Vala High content live cell imager capable of electrical or optical stimulation and high-speed acquisition with an analysis package designed for quantifying parameters from individual cells within a well Enders 1250 
BD LSRFortess BD Bioscience Ultimate in choice for flow cytometry, providing power, performance and consistency.  This analyzer has 4 lasers — blue, red, violet, and yellow/green and can detect up to 16 colors simultaneously Enders 613
FACSCanto II BD Bioscience Analysis of cell surface or intracellular proteins or other “markers,” intracellular cytokine production and receptor-mediated endocytosis, sorting, and recycling.  Enders 613
FACSMelody  Cell Sorter BD Bioscience This cell-sorting technology allows researchers to simultaneously isolate two cell populations into separate tubes or deposit single or multiple target cells into 96- or 384-well plates. Enders 613 
Seahorse Xfe 96 Analyzer Agilent Analyzer measures oxygen consumption rate (OCR) and extracellular acidification rate (ECAR) of live cells in a 96-well plate format. These rates are key indicators of mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis. They provide a systems-level view of cellular metabolic function in cultured cells and ex-vivo samples. Enders 622
Tape Station 4200  Agilent The Agilent 4200 TapeStation system is an established automated electrophoresis tool for DNA and RNA sample quality control. This tape station does fully automated sample processing which enables the unattended analysis of size, concentration and integrity. Enders 1317
DiSPIM Lightsheet microscope  ASI Inverted dual objective Lightsheet microscope system allows rapid 3-dimensional live and fixed imaging of cells, tissues and organoids. The system is equipped with piezo-controlled dual objectives (20x air, or 40x water), four solid state lasers with AOTF control, X-Y-Z piezo driven motorized stage, specialized chambers, computer and high-resolution monitor.  This system is additionally configured for live inverted ratio epifluorescence imaging with a DG4 high-speed switching xenon light source and digital CMOS camera.  Enders 613
Quant Nanoparticle Analyzer Zetaview  The Zetaview small particle analyzer employs Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) which relates the rate of Brownian motion of the particles in liquid suspension to particle size.  Enders 1052
Agilent tapestation  4200 Analysis of DNA and RNA fragments Enders 1317
Tokai Hit Stage Top Environmental Chamber  STR  CO2 and Temp control for live cell monitoring on Keyence epifluorescent scope Enders 1313