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Viral Core | Overview

black background of green lentivirus GFP and red lentivirus RFP

Science and innovation

Recombinant viral vectors are extensively employed as gene delivery vehicles across various settings such as cellular studies, animal models, and gene therapy. They provide an array of functions such as monitoring cell functions, manipulating the expression of target genes, and changing physiological state of specific cell populations, etc.

Viral vectors differ in their suitability for different applications, which depends on factors including size of the transgene, route of delivery, tropism, and regulation of gene expression. To facilitate the utilization of viral technology, Boston Children’s Hospital Viral Core provides custom AAV and lentiviral vector production service, as well as expert consultations in selecting, designing, and using viral vectors.

Our mission

With expertise in production of viral-based vectors, Boston Children's Hospital Viral Core aims to offer technological support to researchers, associated with or external to the hospital, who are interested in the development and use of viral vectors.

Acknowledging core support

When submitting manuscripts that have utilized services of the Viral Core, please acknowledge the core by including the following information:

“This work was supported by Boston Children’s Hospital Viral Core, which is supported by NIH5P30EY012196.”