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Regional Action Framework for Safe and Affordable Surgery in the Western Pacific Region


The Western Pacific region faces many unique obstacles to the provision of safe, timely, and affordable surgical care. These include poor infrastructure and access to technology, limited qualified surgical specialists, and small size and remote location of the Pacific island countries.

Where We Started

Baseline data describing access to surgical care has been collected in many of the member countries, and system-level needs have been identified. The Ministries of Health requested assistance from the Regional Office in scaling up surgical care.

Our Impact

An event on surgery was held at the 2019 Regional Committee Meeting, and additional stakeholders convened to begin strategic planning. The needs for a regional situational analysis and a framework inclusive of the priorities of all member countries were identified.

Moving Forward

Surgery will be a main agenda item at this year’s regional committee meeting. Leading up to the meeting, a regional action framework for safe, affordable surgery will be developed with input from each country, and a situational analysis will be completed.


Zachary Fowler, MD