Current Environment:

At the Boston Children’s Hospital Global Health Program, we focus on impact. For us, impact means action — sustainable, pragmatic strides toward the goal of every child everywhere having access to safe and quality healthcare.

We offer a broad spectrum of solutions to pediatric healthcare problems, including research, advocacy, education, or assistance with direct clinical care delivery in times of disaster or crisis when local systems request a helping hand. We work in both development settings and complex humanitarian crises, providing solutions that are scalable and sustainable. Child health is complicated and multifactorial, requiring experts to efficiently and effectively impact the most challenging problems in countries like Liberia, Lebanon, and Laos.

Our approach to building sustainable solutions

Focus on the whole child

Rather than focus on a single disease, we address the broad spectrum of children’s health. Our emphasis is on meeting growing children’s changing needs in innovative, sustainable ways.

Bring expertise and, most importantly, transfer it

Our solution-driven approach equips local partners to work independently. From day one, we start moving toward our exit strategy. This model allows us to direct the majority of funds to programming, not our own operations.

Deliver sustainable solutions

We partner with local caregivers, businesses and governments to overcome political and infrastructure barriers. Clean water, nutrition and education — so many factors influence a child’s healthy development.

Annual reports

Our annual reports describe our projects around the globe.