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Dominica | Overview

Mapping Mortality in Dominica: Identifying the Burden of Noncommunicable Disease Deaths after Hurricane Maria


Hurricane Maria caused overwhelming damage to the health system and infrastructure of Dominica. Noncommunicable disease deaths are known to increase after disasters, but this has not been previously correlated with geographic risk factors.

Where We Started

A coalition has been formed with Sickle Cell Cares Foundation and Doctors in our Circle Dominica, as well as government partners across the Ministries of Health, Planning, and Housing. We are identifying the geographic risk factors that led to both communicable and non-communicable disease related deaths following Hurricane Maria.

Our Impact

This research will provide an evidentiary backbone for disaster planning in Dominica. Other objectives included compiling fragmented data sources and facilitating open access of geospatial data to all partners.

Moving Forward

This research will be presented to the partners during a climate disaster symposium in Dominica. Subsequent steps to improve preparedness will be explored by the relevant stakeholders present.


Ned Palmer, Former Pediatric Global Health Fellow