Blood Donor Milestones

 Donor Makes Landmark Platelet Donation


Starting as a whole blood donor at Boston Children's Hospital, Bob Watson (pictured here with the Blood Donor Center staff) was asked to donate platelets when the Blood Donor Center began collecting them in 1986. Twice a month for the last 26 years, Bob has been donating platelets here, ultimately achieving his 750th donation in May. His 750 donations equal almost 94 gallons of blood and platelets!

Bob says he enjoys coming to Boston Children's to donate, "It's a great organization and just a great place to be," he says. When asked why he donates, he simply responds "because I can."

Donating platelets can take up to two hours, which in Bob's case translates to 1,500 total hours. In addition to giving platelets, Bob's charity, the LPM Charitable Foundation, has given over $1 million dollars in charitable donations to many charities, including the Boston Children's Hospital Blood Donor Center.

When asked how he felt about reaching this milestone, Bob simply smiled and said to check back with him once he reached his 800th donation. Congratulations to Bob on achieving this significant milestone. Thank you for all that you do, and thank you to all who donate to the Blood Donor Center.

If you are interested in donating blood or platelets at Boston Children's, call the Blood Donor Center at 617-355-6677 or go to for information, or to make an appointment to donate.