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Donate Artwork | Overview

Support the arts at Boston Children's Hospital

Your support makes it possible to transform waiting areas, corridors, and hospital rooms into bright, inviting places that promote the well being of our patients and their families. Make a donation to support the arts and help us continue our work.

For more information about the art programs at Boston Children's Hospital please contact Elisabeth Gordon, Art Program Manager, at 617-355-ARTS or email

Artwork on display at Boston Children's Hospital

Donations of artwork

Proposals for donating artwork are carefully reviewed by the Art Coordinator at Boston Children's with input from our Art Committee. Several factors determine whether or not we can accept a piece of artwork. Here are a few of the questions we ask ourselves when considering a donation:

  • Is it soothing, engaging, educational, uplifting, visually appealing?
  • Could it be seen as confusing, scary, or inappropriate?
  • Will it be appreciated by all age levels?
  • Is there funding to frame and/or display this piece properly?
  • Does it fit into an existing art theme or with larger art program goals?


All artwork must be framed with Plexiglas, not glass. Our standard frame should be used whenever possible. Displays and artwork must be child safe and appropriate for a pediatric hospital environment (rounded edges, secure hardware, durable, cleanable). There should be little or no maintenance requirements. Displays and artwork must meet all state and federal building, fire, life safety, and ADA codes, including a maximum 4-inch depth on wall-mounted displays.

If you are looking to donate artwork or if you would like your work to be considered for use at Boston Children's Hospital, please send a completed Gifts of Art Submission Form along with pictures of the artwork to:

Boston Children's Hospital
Attn: Art Coordinator
Facilities Management
300 Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA 02115