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Thank you for your interest in joining Boston Children's Hospital Volunteer Services!

Whether playing with children during wait times or helping families find their way around the hospital, the volunteers at Boston Children’s Hospital make a difference every day. We invite you to apply to become part of our diverse group of more than 300 volunteers who selflessly devote thousands of hours each year to support staff, patients, and families.

Getting involved

To learn more about the current volunteer positions that are available through Volunteer Services, please visit the following pages.

Overview of volunteer roles

Volunteers at Boston Children's Hospital perform a wide array of duties throughout the organization. Here is a brief description of the two main roles, which are open to volunteer applicants. Volunteers play with children or help with non-medical tasks, while being mindful of patient privacy.

  • Inpatient/clinic volunteers: Volunteers interact with patients, siblings, and families at the bedside, in the playroom, or in the waiting room area to provide opportunities for developmentally appropriate play and socialization. Additionally, volunteers assist their supervisor with any other needs, such as unit programming, preparing materials for special events, and helping organize and maintain a safe, clean environment while assisting with toy washing.
  • Customer service volunteers: Volunteers create a welcoming atmosphere at the main entrance of the hospital and provide wayfinding assistance to all visitors. Additionally, volunteers deliver items from the gift shop to patients and families throughout the hospital.

Other volunteer programs

Volunteer Services collaborates with other volunteer-reliant programs, including:

  • Patient Family Housing Programs: The housing program provides affordable accommodations to families. Volunteers assure that families are comfortable and occupied during their stay. There are opportunities at two locations — The Bon at 1260 Boylston St., and Yawkey Family Inn at 241 Kent St.. Please visit the Patient Family Housing Program website for more details.
  • Pawprints Program: Pawprints is a therapy-centric dog visitation program at Boston Children’s Hospital, Main Campus and some satellite locations. Volunteers, accompanied by their dog, provide hospitalized children and their families with a healthy diversion from the usual hospital routine and an opportunity for social interaction. Please visit the Pawprints website for more details.

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