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Three Boston Children’s nurses are chosen annually to participate in the two-year Global Nursing Fellowship. The fellowship provides structured and protected time for nurses with a desire to impact pediatric nursing care on a global level. Nurses develop new skills in global health, including leadership, project design, and implementation science, to expand their experience and advance their efforts in pediatric global health.

2021 fellows

  • Christine Placidi
  • Josiefina Miranda
  • Erin Babine

2019 fellows

  • Kimberly Shepherd
  • Ashley Birch
  • Sonia Nettey

2018 fellows

  • Deb O'Dowd
  • Scotty Williams
  • Keirrah Leger

2017 fellows

  • Michael Felber
  • Liliana Jiminez 
  • Rose Mintor

2016 fellows

  • Katie Barringdon
  • Michelle Morin
  • Colleen Nixon

2015 fellows

  • Beverly Small
  • Lexie Schmid
  • Marilyn Moonan