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BRAVE RHINO Study | Overview


Brave RHINO study logoThe Arnett Lab is currently enrolling 7-11 year old children with anxiety, anxiety+ADHD, or neither ADHD nor anxiety for the BRAVE-RHINO Study. In this study, we will examine whether brain mechanisms for attention problems in anxiety and ADHD are distinct or overlapping. Funding for the Brave RHINO Study is provided to Drs. Arnett and Peisch by the Steve Samuels & Ami Cipolla Innovation Pilot Grant.


General Information about Participation

  • Your family may be eligible to participate if you have a child who is 7-11 years old .
  • The goal of our study is to learn more about how brain activity relates to individual differences in symptoms related to anxiety and/or attention.
  • We are recruiting children with ADHD and/or symptoms of anxiety as well as children without symptoms of either (i.e., healthy controls).
  • First step: caregiver completes a 10-minute screening phone call.
  • After that, you and/or another one of your child’s caregivers may be asked to complete a phone/video interview that takes 30-60 minutes.
  • Lastly, your child may be invited to complete an in-person research visit at our laboratory at Two Brookline Place.

Information about the In-person Visits

  • The visit will last about 3 hours.
  • We will give you parking validation or reimbursement for public transportation.
  • During the visit, your child will complete an EEG (electroencephalogram), which is a non-invasive way of measuring brain activity.
  • During the visit, we will complete a neuropsychological assessment (cognitive and academic testing) with your child.

More Information about EEG

  • EEG is painless and non-invasive.
  • During the EEG, we put a cap (similar to a swim cap) on your child’s head while your child watches videos and plays simple games.
  • You can take pictures and see your child’s brain waves.
  • The EEG lasts about an hour.
  • Please view a short EEG introductory video.

More Information about the Cognitive and Academic Testing

  • We will measure your child’s general cognitive development and academic (or pre-academic) skills.
  • You will be provided with a written report about your child’s performance on cognitive and academic tests. This can be sent directly to your child’s primary care provider, if you choose. If applicable, the report will also include recommendations tailored to your child.


  • $40 for the research visit
  • Reimbursement for parking or public transportation
  • Toys/prizes for your child

Please contact us at or call 617-919-7771 to learn more! By calling or emailing, you are not agreeing to participate. Your decision to enroll is completely voluntary and if you do decide to enroll, you may drop out of the study at any time.