Current Environment:

Mission Statement

The Arnett Lab strives to contribute to the mission of the Division of Developmental Medicine through cutting-edge methods and quality research. We aim to improve precision medicine care for children with neurodevelopmental disorders affecting regulation of attention, behavior, and emotions. Our research is designed with the goal of developing of personalized, preventative approaches to behavioral and mental health care that meet the needs of each individual child in the context of their environments. Additionally, we aim to provide resources and knowledge for stakeholders through scientific inquiry, mentorship and training, and dissemination of findings. We view collaboration and community engagement as integral to overcoming barriers for care.

Principal Investigator

Read more about Anne Arnett, PhD

Scientist, Division of Developmental Medicine; Wade Family Investigator in Child Psychology

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School

Lab Members

Virginia Peisch, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Gaelle Gourdet

Clinical Research Assistant II

Erica Ferrara, MS

Clinical Research Specialist I

Carissa Mastrangelo

Clinical Research Intern

Vivian Li

Clinical Research Intern

Trisha Peswani

Clinical Research Intern

Emily Hill

Psychology Trainee

Matthew Zimon

Clinical Research Assistant I

Marija Pranjić

Cognitive Neuroscience Graduate Student

Elizabeth Ogolo

Clinical Research Intern

Peyton Benz

Clinical Research Intern