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There are research opportunities for student of all ages for people outside of the department or even the hospital. Students can be in high school (at least 16 years old), college, or thereafter. Interested people should directly contact the investigator with whom they would like to work. Our department is committed to welcoming students from all walks of our nation and beyond.

Testimonial from one of our high school interns

A student stands behind a red yamaha drum in a school marching band parade.

“I got the opportunity to intern for this lab during my senior year of high school and I've been interning here for two summers. For those two summers, I worked on targeted nanoparticle delivery for treating venous malformations. Each summer I did a different subsection of work on that subject. The first year I was helping create nanoparticles to deliver drug to the VM, and in my second year, I was working on creating a different type of nanomaterial to destroy the VM.

It was SUPER COOL! I honestly learned so many skills that I will be keeping with me for life. Things like creating standard curves, culturing cells, dissections, and using various lab machines. It's quite easy to say that you learned a bunch of skills over the summer, but I can also say that I have been able to apply them in all of my lab classes in college so far. All of the new lab techniques they teach us are things that I have already been practicing in the Kohane Lab. So I genuinely value all of the experiences that I have had in this lab and the mentors that I have gained from it!” – Nikki Okoli, Kohane Lab, 2021 & 2022.

Pediatric Anesthesia Clinical and Research Internship (PACaRI)

Pediatric Anesthesia Clinical and Research Internship (PACaRI), founded in 2010, offers a unique opportunity for students to work on a research project while also training as an anesthesia technician. Students are matched with a member of the Boston Children's Hospital faculty and are involved in a research study from inception to manuscript preparation. Both clinical and lab environments provide challenging projects and involve a broad range of research techniques. The program culminates with a research symposium, where students engage in discussions and present findings on their individual projects in front of their peers, faculty, and program leaders.

The mission of PACaRI is to help undergraduate and graduate students build a foundation for careers in research and healthcare. By offering high-quality mentorship, in-depth research experiences, and hands-on learning opportunities, the program is designed to inspire its participants to be forward-thinking, innovative, lifelong learners.

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