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OVCR | Overview

The Office of the Vice Chair for Research (OVCR) has broad oversight of research activities, resources, and funding within the department, including all the funding noted here. A partial list of OVCR activities includes:

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  • management of of departmental research funds
  • creation and/or standardization of research administrative procedures
  • creation of departmental research databases, and managing them as needed
  • allocation of departmental research space
  • running of periodic conferences for researchers and use of the PARC service
  • adjudication of academic matters
  • notification of funding awards, and post-post award management, in collaboration with research finance
  • creation and maintenance of internal and external research website content
  • creation and maintenance of a research newsletter

We work very closely with other departmental entities as needed. For example, we coordinate all financial management with departmental Research Finance. As another example, allocations of research space are done by an ad hoc committee including the OVCR, Research Finance, and representatives of the division involved.

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