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Anesthesia Advanced Airway Management Research Group

The Anesthesia Advanced Airway Management Research Group is involved in diverse research projects and collaborations. The following are descriptions of projects and collaborations in which the research group is involved:   

  • Pediatric Difficult Airway (PeDI) Collaborative is a multicenter, multinational organization of the Society of Pediatric Anesthesia dedicated to assessing, understanding and improving the outcomes of children during airway management and in particular, those children with difficult intubations. We hope to facilitate benchmarking, quality improvement (QI) and research via the PeDI Registry such that the group provides site specific and aggregate data back to sites, augments local quality improvement efforts and facilitates research studies related to pediatric airway management. Members of our research group cofounded the PeDI Collaborative and were instrumental in the development of the registry together with other key individuals from around the world. The Collaborative has published may key studies in airway management and is continually working on further research and QI initiatives.  
  • Some of our research group members were either members of or collaborated with the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) Task Force on Management of the Difficult Airway and help developed and write the 2022 ASA Difficult Airway Guidelines which for the first time included pediatric specific guidelines. 
  • Video laryngoscopy in Small Infants (VISI) Trial was an international, prospective, randomized, multi-center, parallel group trial in infants which compared intubations using direct laryngoscopy versus standard (non-angulated) video laryngoscopy published in The Lancet. 
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  • CLEARANCE (Collaborative Research on Aerosol Generating Medical Procedures), a multi-institutional collaboration on best practices for pediatric airway management in patients with aerosolizing infectious vectors.  
  • Joint Commission of the European Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care and the British Journal of Anaesthesia on Neonatal and Infant Airway Management, the British Journal of Anaesthesia Special edition on Neonatal and Infant Anesthesia and Safety.  
  • Some of our research group members are in the Patient Safety Priority (PSP) Advisory Group on Airway Management for the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation. 
  • The development and assessment of pediatric advanced airway management equipment, either as a group here or in collaboration with other institutions and industry. 
  • The use of simulation training to improve the success of and decrease complications during intubation. 
  • Collaboration with OpenAnesthesia (OA), which is an online open access educational resource from the International Anesthesia Research Society to produce airway related educational resources and key words. 

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