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Division of Cardiac Anesthesia

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Research in anesthesiology includes more than developing and improving the drugs and equipment that provide sedation, anesthesia, or pain control. Our research encompasses the entire range of basic, translational, and clinical biological and bioengineering sciences, including:

  • developmental biology
  • organ pathophysiology
  • design of life function monitoring equipment
  • outcomes research
  • quality and safety improvement

Recent research areas include: 

  • understanding changes in the function of blood-clotting systems in patients with congenital heart disease and during cardiac surgery, and improving therapies to reduce blood loss and the need for blood transfusion
  • clarifying the role of the body’s inflammatory mechanisms on the effects of the heart-lung machine and heart surgery in infants and older patients
  • exploring ways to preserve heart function in patients with congenital heart disease, both after cardiac surgery and long-term, to improve their outcomes
  • developing advanced monitoring techniques, such as near-infrared spectroscopy, to improve brain and other organ functions after cardiac surgery
  • understanding the effects of surgery and anesthetic agents on the body’s defense and repair mechanisms
  • defining risk factors in patients with congenital heart disease who require cardiac or non-cardiac surgery to reduce adverse events
  • multicenter study assessing outcomes of patients with congenital heart disease undergoing non-cardiac procedures
  • using tissue engineering approaches to repair defective cardiac conduction systems and heart function in patients with congenital heart disease
  • designing methods for administering oxygen and other gases intravenously as an adjunct to life support and organ preservation
  • understanding the pharmacokinetics of sedatives and analgesics on extracorporeal support including cardiopulmonary bypass

Cardiac Anesthesia Research Fellowship

The pediatric anesthesia fellows are invited to participate in the ongoing research in the division. A mentor is identified and nonclinical time is provided to allow for completion of scholarly projects. In addition, an advanced research fellowship is offered, typically following an initial pediatric cardiac clinical fellowship or for visiting junior faculty.

This program is designed for candidates who wish to pursue an academic career. Academic training and mentoring by experienced faculty and leaders in the field ensures acquisition of the skillset necessary to become a successful physician researcher and completion of a meaningful research project. Those pursuing the fellowship are encouraged to avail themselves of educational opportunities at Harvard Medical School (e.g., Foundations of Clinical Research) and through Harvard Catalyst (e.g., Applied Statistics), and are supported in this endeavor.

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