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Internship Program | Overview

Eight photos of PACaRI interns in a collage format. In the middle is a screenshot of the interns on zoom and surrounding that image is photos of the interns in their scrubs doing different tasks or posing for the camera in groups.

The Pediatric Anesthesia Clinical and Research Internship (@PACaRI) at Boston Children's Hospital (BCH) was established in 2010 to close that gap for prospective medical and healthcare-allied students. By offering high-quality mentorship, and unparalleled hands-on learning and research opportunities, @PACaRI provides exposure to the realities of medical practice and helps students decide whether a medical career aligns with their interests, aptitudes, and values.


More than 60 partnerships with colleges and universitiesMore than 40 faculty members192 internsOne hundred percent acceptances to medical schools

Summer PACaRI 2024 no longer accepts new students. Please reach back in Fall for Summer PACaRI 2025.

PACaRI's Mission Statement

The mission of the program is to inspire future healthcare professionals to be compassionate, forward-thinking, innovative, resilient, and lifelong learners.

The program:

  1. Complements the didactic training of undergraduate and graduate students to meet the nation’s biomedical, behavioral, and clinical research needs.
  2. Encourages individuals from diverse backgrounds, including those from groups underrepresented in research, to pursue further studies or careers in research.
  3. Encourages individuals, including those from groups underrepresented in the medical field, to pursue healthcare studies.

Program Pillars

  • Clinical - hands-on experience in the operating room
  • Research - active participation in research with aim to present and publish findings
  • Education - educational lecture presentations and workshops
  • Academic Advising - application assistance and 1:1 mock interview

In my work here, I have acquired research skills that will be invaluable not only in medical school but also in my career as a physician.

Daniel Snyder, Northeastern, PACaRI 2017

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