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This role was very exciting, as it allowed me to combine my interests in hands-on technology with clinical care. It was a rewarding experience to work in a fast-paced setting just like the ones I hope to contribute to in the future as a physician.

Lucy Zhao, PACaRI 2022, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MD Candidate, Harvard Medical School (Class of 2028)

I gained a lot of invaluable experience here: interacting with patients about research, shadowing anesthesiologists and surgeons in the OR, listening engaging lectures from Grand Rounds and intern meetings, and getting the chance to write a manuscript.

Hugh Burke, PACaRI 2019, MD Candidate, University of Minnesota Medical School (class of 2025)

In my work here, I have acquired research skills that will be invaluable not only in medical school but also in my career as a physician.

Daniel Snyder, PACaRI 2017. Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sina (MD). Internal Medicine Resident - New York Presbyterian-Columbia University Irving Medical Center

The experience showed me what it means to be a physician and how to navigate very delicate and intimate conversations between patients and their families.

Zain Chaudry, PACaRI 2017. Larner College of Medicine, University of Vermont (MD). Anesthesiology Resident, BIDMC (Class of 2028)

Thanks to the internship, I am confident that I will be able to bond both my passion for research with my passion for becoming a clinician.

Avi Purohit, PACaRI 2016. Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine (MD). Pediatrician, Purohit Pediatric Clinic

My time [in PACaRI] helped shape my career and opened the doors for many opportunities during my time as an undergrad and in preparing for graduate study.

Emily Greenwald, PACaRI 2015. PhD Candidate at Stanford University School of Medicine

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