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Alumni Testimonials

Mackenzie Kagan, UPENN, PACaRI 2019

"Getting to shadow doctors and spend time in the OR has really opened my eyes to what being a physician is like and has proven extremely validating for me. I now know with complete confidence that I am on the right path."

Hugh Burke, Norte Dame, PACaRI 2019

"I gained a lot of invaluable experience here: interacting with patients about research, shadowing anesthesiologists and surgeons in the OR, listening engaging lectures from Grand Rounds and intern meetings, and getting the chance to write a manuscript."

Avi Purohit, Boston University School of Public Health, PACaRI 2016

"Thanks to the internship, I am confident that I will be able to bond both my passion for research with my passion for becoming a clinician."

Emily Greenwald, Brandeis, PACaRI 2015

"My time [in PACaRI] helped shape my career and opened the doors for many opportunities during my time as an undergrad and in preparing for graduate study."

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