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Entertainment Requests | Overview

Visitor guidelines

Thank you for your interest in visiting Boston Children's Hospital. Please read all information carefully before completing the Entertainment Visitor Request Form. Requests will not be processed until all forms have been completed and signed.

Application process

1. All entertainment activity requestors must fill out an application and sign a consent form.

  • Requests will be screened for appropriateness for a diverse population and approved by the Patient Entertainment Committee.
  • Special visitors must actively reflect the safety initiatives that Boston Children's Hospital promotes.
  • Activities should be adaptable to many ages and abilities.
  • All visitors must be 17 years of age or older.
  • All groups visiting the hospital must abide by the visitor limit of 10 individuals, chaperones and handlers included.

2. All performance requests must be submitted at least six weeks prior to your desired date.

  • Your group is "booked" once you have received email confirmation.

3. Patient activities are scheduled according to the needs of the patients, families and staff.

  • Activities are to be scheduled Monday through Friday between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
  • It is important to understand that this is a hospital environment; therefore, it is unpredictable. Although special programs are usually well-attended, there is no way to predict or guarantee a large group of participants.
  • Please know that if a child leaves during the activity it is not a reflection of your group. Many children have very strict schedules (medicines, therapy, etc.) here at the hospital.
  • Performances must be between 10-60 minutes in length (with the exception of Lobby performances at 30 minutes maximum length).
  • Performances must not include any potentially harmful materials: latex balloons, fire, candles or knives.
  • Because our children come from a wide variety of religious, political and social backgrounds, we require that the content of any presentation be religiously and politically neutral. If you have any questions on the content of an activity, please contact the Patient Entertainment Committee.
  • To protect the privacy of Boston Children's patients and families, the hospital does not allow media coverage, picture taking of the event, or prior publicity. The use of cameras and camera phones are not allowed during the event.

4. In the event your group would like to bring gifts/donations for the patients, please make a note on your request form for approval.