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Your health, climate change, and extreme weather

Click the blue links to access educational and community resources for further information.

Providers and patients: The information below can be downloaded and printed in English and Spanish from the links below.  Each download also contains a QR code for access to live links.

Did you know?

Climate change increases the intensity and frequency of tropical storms, major hurricanes, and heat waves. These extreme weather events are a health risk for child safety, physical and emotional health.

Action plan

  • Be prepared: Develop an emergency plan for you, your family, and your neighborhood.
    • Sign up for emergency alerts/warnings.
    • Build an emergency kit.
    • Create an evacuation plan with your family.
    • Know how to seek shelter (use the FEMA app).
    • Develop a family communication plan.
  • Strength in numbers: Reach out and look after neighbors (especially the elderly, those with young children, or those with chronic health conditions who may be more at risk) if your community experiences an extreme weather event. Work as a community to develop and share evacuation plans.
  • Take action: Seek help from your medical provider for health concerns.

Community resources

Create an emergency plan with your child.

Build an emergency kit for your family.

Complete an activity book with your child(ren) to help cope after a climate disaster.

Sign up for emergency alerts and download apps to stay informed if you have a mobile device.