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Your health, climate change, and nutrition

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Did you know?

Climate change impacts the foods that are available, how much it costs, and how nutritious it is. As extreme weather impacts farming, changes in our ability to access healthy foods impacts how children grow and develop.

Action plan

  • Eat thoughtfully
    • Meat and dairy are big contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, by incorporating plant-based meals into your diet you can improve both your health and the planet!
    • Support local farms and businesses
    • Sustainable diets are both good for the Earth, your community, and your health
  • Limit waste: Excess food production contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. Try meal prepping, donating to local pantries, and composting to reduce your impact
  • Screen for nutritional deficiencies: Discuss your child’s diet, growth, and eating habits with your pediatrician.

Community resources

Find your local food bank with Feeding America.

Taste something new: Try different climate friendly recipes, including New York Times climate recipes to incorporate more plant based food into your diet.

Explore these tips on eco-friendly cooking.

Learn how to prepare safe water during emergencies.

Learn about your tap water by visiting the Tap Water Database.