Current Environment:

Advanced imaging

Our state-of-the-art prenatal imaging allows us to identify fetal conditions more precisely and earlier in pregnancy, leading to a greater ability to provide successful interventions and improved outcomes. Learn about advanced imaging.

Fetal surgery/interventions

Our advanced fetal surgery capabilities allow us to treat many complicated fetal conditions before birth. This highly specialized area of maternal-fetal care is critical to addressing certain conditions during fetal development instead of after delivery.

Prenatal Consult Service

For patients who have received a prenatal diagnosis, our Prenatal Consultation Service provides personalized care between you and our team of specialists who will be involved in any post-delivery care. This means fostering collaboration with your obstetric and maternal-fetal medicine team to assess the health of the fetus, address any concerns, and formulate a comprehensive plan for non-surgical prenatal care, delivery, and the perinatal period,

Genetic testing and counseling

The Fetal Precision Genetics Program at Boston Children’s works to identify potential genetic conditions during pregnancy by looking for changes or abnormalities in the fetal DNA. If your prenatal ultrasound shows an abnormal finding, we can offer genetic testing.

Fetal cardiology

The Fetal Cardiology Program at Boston Children’s includes a team of cardiologists, nurses, and other specialists with expertise in addressing cardiac challenges during pregnancy.

Fetal Therapy Board

The Fetal Therapy Board Committee at Boston Children’s evaluates innovative therapies for specific fetal diagnoses. We collaborate with pregnant patients, their families, and their prenatal care teams to assess options and offer guidance on the best approaches to care.