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Comprehensive care for complex fetal conditions

From pioneering a world-renowned fetal cardiology program to achieving the earliest successful fetal cardiac intervention in 2001, the Maternal Fetal Care Center, in affiliation with Brigham and Women’s Hospital, has been at the forefront of prenatal intervention and treatment for more than two decades. Today, we are the most comprehensive fetal intervention center in the Northeast, supported by more than 25 specialties across Boston Children’s to provide a full spectrum of diagnostics, research, and management for confirmed or suspected congenital anomalies.

Our expertise in fetal care

Our extensive experience in fetal care has shown that the sooner we can accurately diagnose a fetal anomaly, the better the chances of survival and a higher quality of life. That’s why, in addition to our focus on diagnosing, treating, and caring for pregnancies with high-risk fetal conditions, we’re equally committed to cutting-edge research to enhance fetal and newborn medicine.

Our multidisciplinary approach means that you’ll receive a comprehensive care plan built around constant communication with you and your primary obstetrics team and access to a range of diagnostics, interventions and therapies, genetic testing and counseling, and other services.

Partnering with you for the best care possible

We are dedicated to a comprehensive approach to diagnosing and caring for complex fetal-neonatal conditions. Through a strong collaboration with our patients’ existing obstetric and maternal-fetal care teams, we ensure seamless, coordinated care during pregnancy and the neonatal period. While some services will take place at the Maternal Fetal Care Center, others may be provided at our partner institutions, such as Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Tufts Medical Center, and other area hospitals.

We perform select c-section procedure deliveries approved by the Department of Public Health for high-risk fetuses that need immediate access to neonatal care or resuscitation, including EXIT procedures. This service includes a comprehensive evaluation by our multidisciplinary team of the pregnant person’s health and the fetus’ condition to decide the best delivery method.

We also take great pride in preparing the next generation of providers to be leaders in the field of fetal surgery and to continue advancing maternal-fetal care. Learn more about our Perinatal Surgery Fellowship and other training initiatives.