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Our experience in fetal care has shown that the earlier an anomaly can be correctly diagnosed, the greater the chances of optimal development and health. That’s why we recommend referring patients to us for detailed imaging and other tests as soon as you suspect a problem.

Some findings will require immediate interventions after birth. In these incidences, we recommend delivery at either Brigham and Women’s Hospital or Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Other findings will not be emergent in the neonatal period. Those families will be referred back to you for pregnancy management and delivery, and they may not need to return to Boston Children’s until several months after delivery. The MFCC staff will facilitate any follow-up appointments and coordination that needs to occur. A patient’s care can be co-managed with home and Boston providers to ensure seamless care for patients in a time sensitive manner.

To refer a patient, please fax pertinent medical records, demographics, and insurance information to the Maternal Fetal Care Center at 617-730-0124, or email

A new patient referral form should be completed for every patient and used as the fax cover sheet. Incomplete information may cause a delay in contacting and scheduling your patient.

Checklist of referral requirements


  • patient name, demographics, and contact information
  • insurance plan and member ID
  • referring diagnosis
  • estimated due date
  • referring provider and practice location
  • imaging requested by referring provider

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Please call us at 617-355-6512 if you have any questions or concerns.