Current Environment:

Understanding Post-Surgical Recovery Using Wearable Devices

Principal Investigators: Roland Brusseau, MD and Joe Kossowsky, PhD, MMSc
Research Staff: Justin Chimoff, BS and Jessica Hoytema, NP

What is the purpose of this study?
We are interested in investigating the usefulness of a wearable activity device in helping us understand functional recovery in patients after surgery. We hope to use the results of this study to lay a foundation for using a non-burdensome wearable activity device to enhance recovery in the perioperative setting.

What does the study involve?
If you agree to participate, for 48 hours following your surgery, you will be asked to wear an actigraphy device (either a Fitbit or Actigraph watch), wear an EEG device, and undergo continuous video-EEG monitoring.

Who is eligible to participate?
You can participate if you: 

  • Patients aged 8-24 years old
  • Patients undergoing orthopedic surgery at BCH
  • Able to comprehend instructions in English

Will I receive payment for this study?
As a token of appreciation for your time and participation in the study, you will receive a $100 Amazon gift card after completing the study.

Primary Contact Information
Justin Chimoff