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Benefits | Overview

Health Plans
Boston Children's Hospital currently provides a choice of three medical plans, all through Blue Cross/Blue Shield. You may choose to enroll in any one of these three health plans. The hospital partially subsidizes the cost of medical plan coverage. You pay the remainder with pretax dollars through payroll deductions. Dependents must enroll in the same benefit option as the employee.

Dental Plan
Boston Children's Hospital offers a choice of two optional dental plans. The hospital partially subsidizes the cost of the plans. You pay the remainder with pretax dollars through payroll deductions. Eligible dependents as described in the Health Plan section above may also enroll in the dental plan. Dependents must enroll in the same benefit option as the employee.

Vision Plan
Boston Children's Hospital offers an optional vision plan. The plan provides each covered family member with coverage for eye exams and necessary corrective lenses, including eyeglass lenses or contact lenses. It also provides an allowance to be applied toward the cost of eyeglass frames. The cost of this plan is paid for by the employee.

Short-Term Disability Insurance
Boston Children's Hospital provides you with short-term disability insurance. The plan continues 60% of your eligible weekly pay, up to $1,500 per week, if you are unable to work due to illness or injury. Benefits start after 7 days of disability and continue for up to 26 weeks. The cost of this benefit is fully covered by the hospital.

Other Insurance/Related Benefits
Boston Children's Hospital also provides Life Insurance options, Business Travel Accident Insurance and an HIV Supplemental Benefit Plan. You also have the option of purchasing Long Term Disability Insurance, Supplemental Life Insurance, Spouse and Dependent Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Pet Insurance, Accident Insurance, Car Insurance and Group Legal Services. You may also enroll in Health Care and Dependent Care Reimbursement Accounts.

Voluntary Tax Deferred Annuity and Investment Plan {403(b)}
All benefit-eligible employees may participate in Boston Children's Hospital's voluntary savings/investment 403(b) plan. Additionally, employees may also participate in a Retiree Medical Savings Account plan.

Lease Guaranty Program
The Lease Guaranty Program is intended to help ease the pressure of the high cost of housing in the Boston area. If a landlord requires advance payment of the last month's rent and/or a security deposit, Boston Children's Hospital will guarantee payment to the landlord according to the lease guaranty procedure. In return, the house-staff member agrees to reimburse Boston Children's Hospital for any payment Boston Children's Hospital is required to make under this guaranty. Please contact the Benefits Office for more information.

Boston Children's Hospital Child Care Center
The Boston Children's Hospital Child Care Center accommodates 42 children, ages three months to five years and is located nearby on the campus. All benefit-eligible employees may use the Center. Please call them directly at (617) 355-6006 for more information. Discounts are also available for other child care centers; please contact the Benefits Office at (617) 355-7790.

Parking/MBTA Monthly Pass
Boston Children's Hospital offers discounted parking in various parking lots in the area. You are also eligible to receive a 50% subsidy on all MBTA passes. Contact the Parking Office at (617)355-6251 for more information.

Boston Children's Hospital Work/Life Information and Assistance Program
The Boston Children's Hospital Work/Life Information and Assistance Program provides confidential assistance with personal problems and daily life challenges. KGA, an independent firm in the field of employee assistance and work/life services, administers the program. Counselors are available both close to work and near your home locations. The program also provides consultation with work/life specialists, information and referrals to community resources, vacancy checks to ensure compatibility of child care and elder care providers and customized educational materials to meet a broad range of needs.

Additional Benefits
Boston Children's Hospital provides many additional discounts and services, including discounts on gym memberships, banking, cell phone services, weight management, shopping and entertainment.

Clinical fellows in the Division of Critical Care Medicine receive 20 workdays annually for vacation/personal days, sick time and job interviews. In addition, up to 5 workdays may be used annually for attendance at a scientific meeting in North America for which CME credit is obtained.

Leave of Absence
Recognized leaves of absence include Medical, Family Medical and Child Care/Adoption. Trainees employed by the hospital for at least twelve months, and who have worked at least 1250 hours during the twelve month period preceding the leave, may be granted leave for up to twelve weeks in any rolling twelve month period. A medical or family medical leave may be granted on an intermittent or reduced schedule basis if medically necessary. For trainees who have been employed by the hospital for less than twelve months, or who have worked less than 1250 hours during the twelve month period preceding the leave, but who have been employed for at least three months by the hospital, may be granted up to eight weeks of leave for childbirth, or adoption of a child as provided under the Massachusetts law. There may be limitations or guidelines for length of training that are determined by your specialty board and may affect leaves of absence. Please check with the training program director or your specialty board for more information.

Professional Liability Insurance
Clinical trainees are provided with professional liability coverage for the duration of their training and thereafter for any acts or omissions occurring during the training and within the scope of the training program. Clinical trainees are not covered to practice at other institutions unless they have written approval from their Program Director.

The Office of Clinician Support
The Office of Clinician Support is designed to provide a safe alternative communication channel for anyone who does clinical work with patients. The program is designed to assist clinicians with any problem they may be having, whether it be work-related or personal. The OCS provides a safe forum in which to voice concerns, evaluate situations, organize thoughts, assess feelings and decide what is important according to the clinician's specific circumstances. Confidentiality of all parties is closely respected.

On Call Accommodations
On-call rooms and shower facilities are provided on all inpatient units and on Hunnewell 5. A meal will be provided to you each night you are expected to be in the hospital.