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Safe and effective weight loss

The Adolescent Weight Loss (Bariatric) Surgery Program at Boston Children's Hospital is dedicated to understanding and addressing the medical, surgical, nutritional, emotional, and social needs of children who are candidates for weight loss surgery.

Patient stands between two of her clinicians

Meet Muriel

Muriel was just 3 when her mother passed away from heart disease. As she got older, she understood that her mother’s weight and health habits were the primary cause. Determined not to let what happened to her mother happen to her, she set off on a path toward weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

We understand that weight-loss surgery affects the whole person. As part of the top pediatric hospital in the country, we have access to experts in a variety of fields that enables us to care for our patients at every level. Specifically, our collaboration with the following departments allows us to care for various systems potentially affected by bariatric surgery:

Our approach to weight loss surgery

The first step is a thorough education, conducted with our care and support team. Our guiding principle is that weight-loss surgery (also known as bariatric surgery) should only be considered after all other attempts at reaching a healthy weight have failed. We believe, however, that weight-loss surgery can be a safe and effective option for a child whose obesity has persisted despite all medical efforts, and who is suffering from the complications of obesity. For these children and their families, we provide the full array of weight loss surgery services all in one location: