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Who we are

The Department of Cardiology at Boston Children Hospital’s Benderson Family Heart Center is dedicated to helping heart patients live healthier lives. Our Heart Center is renowned across the globe for providing exceptional, compassionate, and innovative patient- and family-centered care to patients with congenital and acquired pediatric heart disease. As the largest program in North America, we offer unparallelled breadth and depth of expertise in all areas of care for heart disease, from fetal life to adults with congenital heart disease.

Our mission and values

We envision the optimal health and well-being of all patients and families who have congenital and pediatric heart disease.

Our mission is to provide outstanding care for congenital and pediatric heart disease, and to transform our field through continual discovery, innovation, and education.

To achieve this goal, we pledge ourselves to core values of compassion, equity, generosity, inclusiveness, academic rigor, the pursuit of better therapies, and mentorship of the next generation.

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Celebrating 75 years of cardiology

It started with one doctor in 1949. Now, 75 years later, Boston Children’s Cardiology Department has hundreds of specialists, researchers, and staff members in 41 specialized programs and services — all leading the way in comprehensive care for heart disease. Follow along all year as we celebrate the 75 years of dedication and innovation in pediatric cardiology.

Delivering expert care

Our team of cardiologists, nurses, advanced practice clinicians, child life specialists, social workers, and other specialists is dedicated to providing a full spectrum of cardiac services for our patients — from life in the womb to adulthood — who have congenital or acquired pediatric heart disease, including the rarest and most complex cases in the world.

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Advancing the field

Our department is dedicated to improving care for our patients through research and innovation. We constantly challenge the way we treat heart conditions, searching for better ways to deliver care and exploring new technologies. It’s why we deeply invest in training the next generation of cardiologists and why we are committed to involving the community in search for better access to cardiac care for those who need it.

Team approach to care

Working closely with our colleagues in cardiac surgery and other specialties across Boston Children's Hospital, we develop comprehensive care plans for the many aspects of health that are affected by a heart condition so that our patients receive the best possible treatment. We consider our patients and their families as part of our team and partner with them throughout their journey.

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When you come to our center:

Whether it's a first appointment, an inpatient stay for treatment, or another routine follow-up, be assured our staff is here to answer any question, offer guidance, and help make the best of your journey here.