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Sponsored Access | Overview

Sponsored Access enables providers to request access to MyPatients for members of their practice staff, such as registered nurses, referral coordinators and office managers.

Who can register as a MyPatients Sponsor?

Providers with registered MyPatients accounts may be eligible to register as a MyPatients Sponsor. Please review the Sponsorship Agreement for terms and conditions.

To register, you must have a MyPatients account registered under your email address. Boston Children’s Hospital credentials (such as a Boston Children’s ID or grid card) may not be used to register as a sponsor.

How do I register as a MyPatients Sponsor?

If you already have a MyPatients account, download Sponsorship Agreement, print it on your practice letterhead and fax a signed copy to MyPatients Provisioning at 617-730-4844.

If you do not have a MyPatients account or if you currently log in to MyPatients with your Boston Children’s credentials, please register for a MyPatients account by completing an online registration form. Make sure to check the box marked “Request Sponsorship Privileges.”

To learn more about Sponsored Access, please download our FAQ and other available documents: