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Holt/Géléoc Lab

Research in the Holt/Géléoc Laboratory is focused on the physiology and molecular substrates of inner ear function and dysfunction.

Please visit the lab's webpage for more information.

Koehler Lab

Our lab aims to understand how complex sensory systems form and begin functioning in the developing human body. Our goal is to use this knowledge to design new cell- or gene-based therapies for sensory disorders. Recently, we established some of the first human organ-in-a-dish models of the inner ear and skin, which accurately mimic development of specialized epithelia cells, sensory nerves, and hair follicles, among other tissue types. We use a variety of techniques to investigate these models, including gene editing, single-cell genomics, and functional imaging.

Please visit the lab's webpage for more information.

The Translational Hearing Genomics Lab

Led by Eliot Shearer, MD, PhD, our mission is to translate discoveries from the study of the molecular genetics of the human auditory system into improved clinical outcomes for those with hearing loss. We focus on improving genetic testing for hearing loss, improving newborn hearing screening with genetics, understanding genetic contributors to cochlear implant outcomes, and discovery of new genes that cause hearing loss.

Please visit the lab's webpage for more information.