Current Environment:

Communication Enhancement | Overview


Research done in partnership with the following programs and centers of excellence:

  • The Augmentative Communication Program is for children and adults who are non-speaking or whose speech is severely impaired
  • The Autism Language Program is specifically designed to help children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder communicate and learn more effectively
  • The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program assesses the cognitive, social and communication skills of hearing impaired children, and assists in planning their comprehensive intervention and health care needs
  • The Hearing Disorders Clinic and the Audiology Program offer comprehensive, multi-disciplinary evaluation and management of various degrees of hearing loss in infants, children and adolescents
  • The Speech-Language Pathology Program enables children and adolescents who have communication disorders to maximize their communication abilities
  • The Voice and Velopharyngeal Program provides comprehensive evaluations and treatment of children who have voice and resonance disorders