Current Environment:

MRS raw data transfer

GE Scanners

  • The spectroscopy raw data files are stored in the directory /usr/g/mrraw.
  • Open a C shell and go to the directory /usr/g/mrraw by typing the command cd /usr/g/mrraw
  • List the files in the directory by typing ls--l.
  • You will see several files with names like Pxxxxx.7.
  • You will also see the date and time the files were created
  • Pick the right files based on the date and time the MRS study was conducted and copy them to a separate directory and then transfer them to OBDMC of the PBTC.

Siemens Scanners

  • The Syngo database will list the spectroscopy raw data files associated with a study.
  • Export these files to a new folder and then transfer them to OBDMC of the PBTC.
  • Since Sonata system has no means of writing any data other than Patient data (in DICOM format) into CD ROM you would have to first export the raw data to a temporary directory. You will then ftp this file to a PC or a Unix workstation for further processing. The data is in Siemsn 'rdx' format after you export them.

Exporting data

  1. Drag raw data into the Spectroscopy Task card just like when you are processing the spectroscopy data.
  2. Click on Options on the menubar and then choose Export raw data.
  3. You will be asked for a directory and a file name to export the data
  4. Normally you will use the C:\temp directory. Data now is exported.

To FTP data

  1. First log into Windows NT system by holding CTRL and Esc keys together. This will allow you to get access to the Microsoft Windows environment.
  2. Click on Start button on the lower left corner of the screen, click on Advanced User if you have not log into the NT systems previously. This will give you a prompt window for your password input. Factory default password is meduser1 if you have not altered it before.
  3. After you log into the NT systems, hit CTRL and Esc simultaneously again. Go to Start then Programs and the Command Prompt. This will open up a DOS window with a prompt C:\. Change to temp directory (or other directory you created when you export your raw data) by typing cd temp.
  4. Example: ftp 123.45.678.99 (connect to your ftp server PC or unix system) (enter user name/password)

Phillips Scanners

  • Raw spectroscopy data and the corresponding header information is stored as SDAT and SPAR files associated with the patient identifier.
  • The localizer image data and header are stored as .REC and .PAR respectively.
  • Transfer all these files for each spectroscopy study into a separate folder and then transfer to OBDMC of the PBTC.

Transfer to OBDMC of the PBTC will occur will require an FTP connection between the site's scanner workstation and the PBTC laptop. Once the files reach the PBTC laptop at the site, then the CRA at the site can FTP it over secure channel to OBDMC of the PBTC. For a PDF version of this page, click below.

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