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When your child is diagnosed with a condition calling for surgical treatment, the terms and questions can seem endless—and sometimes overwhelming. Below, we’ve compiled some helpful information that can give you the answers, advice and support you're looking for.

Skin Procedures

The Department of Plastic and Oral Surgery offers an alternative to the OR for skin procedures when appropriate. Should your child need to have a skin procedure, we’ve created this informational video to help explain what will happen in the office on the day of your visit. Before your appointment, please take a moment to view the video below with your child.

Educational Booklets

Our team of physicians, physician assistants and nursing staff have created several downloadable PDFs as easy-to-understand resources for a variety of diagnoses and conditions treated by the Department of Plastic and Oral Surgery.


Cleft Lip and Palate



  Apert Syndrome

Robin Sequence


Plagiocephaly Guide