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Preparing for Your Visit | Overview

Coming to Boston Children’s Hospital

If you’re coming to Boston Children’s for the first time or from far away, see our patient resources page. It provides information on everything from directions and parking to nearby accommodations and restaurants. You can also download our hospital stay and outpatient guides.

The Hale Family Center for Families can help you find information about your child’s condition and resources to assist you, including family-to-family support.

What to bring to your neurology appointment

When you come to you and your child's first visit, we ask that you bring the following information:

The Learning Disabilities Program may ask for questionnaires and documentation before your child's evaluation day. Check with the program for details.

The Headache Program will give you forms to complete once you make your child's appointment. Keeping and bringing a headache diary is also recommended.

Other neurology programs can advise you what you need to bring when you make child's your appointment.

For international patients: Visiting the Department of Neurology

Multilingual case coordinators in Boston Children’s dedicated Global Services center can help arrange the logistics of your child's care. They can assist you in completing paperwork, translate medical records, communicate with referring physicians and insurers, and more.

Getting a second opinion from a Boston Children’s Hospital neurologist

We offer both in-person and online second opinions. If you and your child are coming in person, contact 617-355-6388 to schedule or ask for more information. If you make an appointment, you’ll be provided with any necessary forms.

Families unable to travel to Boston can now receive an Online Second Opinion. This confidential service can be accessed remotely using your child's current medical records. Click above to learn more and you will be guided through. Please note that this program is not designed to handle medical emergencies.

What to expect at your neurology appointment

Your first visit

Please arrive 15 minutes early to allow time for check-in and registration. You may be asked to fill out a medical history questionnaire.

New appointments usually last about an hour. Your neurologist will ask questions, examine your child, check vitals and reflexes, watch your child walk, etc., depending on your child’s symptoms.

Your neurologist may suggest that you come back for a follow-up visit in 3 to 6 months, and may recommend diagnostic tests (such as EEG, MRI, electromyography (EMG), ultrasound, or sleep studies) and a meeting with a neuropsychologist. We can help you schedule these appointments. If your child has other medical problems, we can help arrange for you to see other specialists at Boston Children’s, such as a cardiologist, orthopedist, or urologist.

After your visit, your neurologist will send clinic notes to your child’s primary care doctor. These and any imaging and testing results will be available to you on MyChildren’s Patient Portal.

For returning patients

To make an appointment, you can use MyChildren’s Patient Portal or contact your provider’s office directly. You may be asked to complete a follow-up questionnaire to ensure your child’s information is up to date. You and your provider can then discuss your child’s progress, any test results, reactions to medications, etc. All notes will be included in your MyChildren’s Patient Portal.