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Accessing Care | Overview

We’re doing everything we can to make our patients’ and families’ lives easier. Thanks to our highly trained nurse practitioners, we have more appointments available than ever before. Here are some ways to access services and support.

  1. Call us! Our main number, 617-355-6388, is now open for extended hours.
  2. One-stop scheduling: Our new centralized scheduling system lets you book neurology appointments and testing more easily.
  3. Email and text reminders: Sign up at our front desk or when you call our clinic for convenient reminders and confirm your appointments by simply emailing or texting us back.
  4. Visit our convenient suburban locations: In addition to the main hospital in Boston, our providers have clinics at many satellite locations. Some offer specialty services including visits for learning disabilities, EEG testing, neuropsychological testing, autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, and stroke.
  5. Saturday hours: Families needing to make Saturday visits can use our Waltham location. Go through our main number or contact the Waltham location directly.
  6. Get a second opinion online: Families living far from Boston can now receive an Online Second Opinion for a modest fee. You’ll be asked to provide medical records and other information. A Boston Children’s neurologist will review your records and provide an opinion on your diagnosis and treatment plan.
  7. Bring us into your pediatrician’s office: We now offer many “shared care” programs with providers in the community, maintaining ongoing communication and providing guidance and consults. When you come for a visit, we report results back to your pediatrician and discuss how best to coordinate your child’s care.
  8. Support for bullying: Boston Children’s Bullying and Cyberbullying Prevention and Advocacy Collaborative (BACPAC) was founded in 2009 as an anti-bullying resource for physicians, caregivers, families, and school administration.