Balance And Vestibular Program

It may seem easy, but the simple act of standing up and walking across a room requires significant communication between a child's brain, inner ear and eyes.

When one of those systems isn’t working properly, balance can become very difficult. Trouble with balance can:

  • make a child nauseous
  • cause missed days at school and work
  • hinder important developmental milestones if left untreated in early childhood

The Boston Children's Hospital Program for Balance and Vestibular Research is one of only a handful of pediatric vestibular (balance) programs in the United States. Located at Boston Children's at Waltham, our program has an expert staff with extensive training in both vestibular conditions and in all aspects of pediatrics.

Because vestibular problems can be rooted in many sources, Children's Balance Program uses a multidisciplinary approach to treating balance issues. We have established collaborations with specialists from: