Sports Medicine Division

As the largest and most experienced pediatric and young adult sports medicine practice in the country, Sports Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital leads the way for innovation and patient care. We work with athletes of all ages and abilities to treat and prevent sports injuries, getting them back to being healthy and competing at their best.

Specialized treatment and personalized care

Every athlete, injury, and sport is unique. We understand that treating a young athlete requires caring for the specific patient, not just treating the symptoms. With over 45,000 athletes per year receiving care at Boston Children’s Sports Medicine, our team combines personalized care with innovative treatment for each child and adolescent.

The Sports Medicine team consists of sports medicine specialists, orthopedic surgeons, nurses and trainers, a sports psychologist, a nutritionist and many others who collaborate over patient care in order to provide the best treatment possible for our patients.

Leaders in Sports Medicine

Our sports medicine specialists have been on the forefront of innovation and patient care since we became the nation’s first pediatric sports medicine center over 40 years ago. Many treatments and surgeries developed by our physicians have become the standard of care for young athletes across the country. 

Our partnership affiliations with over 150 organizations, including US Figure Skating, USA Track & Field, and multiple colleges, allow us to provide the best care available for athletes of all levels — from novices to Olympians. For any athlete, getting healthy and back to their sport is the priority. Boston Children’s understands that, which is why we provide the best care possible for young athletes everywhere.

We work with the best athletes in the world and around the corner. Let us help your athlete stay in the game and on the field.


We provide seven subspecialized programs, including the ACL Program and Sports Concussion Clinic, which allow us to focus directly on some of the major injury risks young athletes face today. These programs help advance the injury prevention and treatment that helps keep young athletes healthy and playing their best.

Convenient locations

Our locations in Boston, Lexington, Peabody, Waltham, and Weymouth ensure that the best pediatric sports medicine care in the country is never far away.

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