Department of Pediatrics

The Department of Pediatrics (DoP) was formed in 1893, 24 years after the opening of the hospital. It is currently comprised of 16 divisions with the faculty focused on the department's three key missions: investigation, clinical care, and education.



The department is led by Dr. Gary Fleisher, Physician-in-Chief and Pediatrician-in-Chief, and is home to over a thousand faculty, clinical fellows, and research fellows, along with residents in the Boston Combined Residency Program (BCRP).

The clinical enterprise includes:

  • 11,000 children cared for in the inpatient services of the Children’s Hospital and 12,500 in outlying community hospitals;
  • 220,000 clinic visits at Boston Children's Hospital and satellite clinic facilities; and
  • 60,000 main campus Emergency Department visits.

With 16 specialized research areas, the divisions of the DoP seek to decipher causes of pathologies and devise new methods of treatment for pediatric patients. The research enterprise in the department receives many NIH and other grants, funding a broad spectrum of science. Learn more about our research here.