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It is best to start thinking about childproofing your home before the baby begins crawling or walking. Parents should take extra care to make sure that harmful objects are out of reach and locked away if possible. As you walk through each room you may want to get down low to the ground. This will give you the ability to see at your baby’s eye level to find any small objects, hidden outlets, or  dangerous items that may be exciting for your baby to try and play with.

As your child begins to move around, it will be very important to make your home safe.  Put a hook outside the bathroom door or install toilet locks.  Use caution with all hot liquids and hot surfaces.  Place a barrier in front of hot radiators.  Place gates at the top and bottom of all stairways.  Keep plastic bags, wrappers, and latex balloons out of reach.  Move dangling electric cords.  Use safety plugs in outlets.  Remove house plants from reach, as many are poisonous.  Make sure that bookcases are anchored to walls so they can’t tip over.  Install safety guards on windows (screens are NOT strong enough to prevent a child from falling through).

Poisonings are an important health hazard for children.  Keep all medications, cleaning products, and other potentially poisonous substances high up out of reach.  Post this phone number for the poison control center near your phone: 1-800-222-1222.

Most childproofing products such as latches, locks, and gates can be easily found at your local hardware, grocery or baby store. The Consumer Product Safety Commission as well as a Room by Room Checklist can help guide you on how to protect your baby through each area of your home.