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Be wise and exercise!

Everyone is always talking about how good exercise is for your body. When people think of reasons to exercise they usually think about staying in shape and losing weight. The benefits don’t stop there – exercise can improve your mind and mood and decrease your risk of certain diseases!

Looking lean

People who exercise tend to look better, than those who don’t. Exercise helps burn calories, build and tone muscles, maintain weight, and even weight loss. With the right routine you can maintain a healthy weight and feel more confident in your favorite outfit. You can always talk to your doctor about a weight loss plan and what is a healthy weight for you.

Necessary nutrition

An important part of a successful workout plan is a healthy diet.  In order to maintain a healthy weight and build muscle, your body needs the proper amount and type of nutrition. Your diet choices can affect your energy level, focus, and success in achieving your workout goals.

Better your brain

When you exercise your body produces endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals produced by your brain that cause feelings of peace and happiness. Stressed out? Go for a run or shoot the basketball around with some friends. This is a good way to blow off some stress and improve your mood. In addition to these chemicals, exercise helps you develop a sense of accomplishment and pride. It takes a good amount of self discipline and strength to accomplish goals set throughout your workout! Studies have shown that exercise can improve sleep and help people with mild depression and low self esteem.

Formula for the future

Exercise is not only beneficial to you now, but also down the line as you grow older. By maintaining a healthy weight you are decreasing your risk for health conditions associated with being overweight and leading an inactive lifestyle. These diseases include heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, gout, and gallstones. For example, a common disease affecting a lot of aging women is osteoperosis, a disease affecting bone loss and strength. By leading an active lifestyle you are increasing the strength of your body and your bones and can decrease your risk of developing this condition.

The first step to exercising is getting motivated. Forming a nutrition and activity routine that is realistic to your schedule can help you stay on track. To find out more information about exercise and how you can start check out these links!