Current Environment:

We strive to provide advanced primary care. As part of that mission, we believe it is important to have a broad range of services at hand in our office so we can provide as much or all of your child’s care within our walls.  This includes in house lab testing, suturing lacerations, splinting orthopedic injuries, and ear piercing to name a few. Read below for an extensive listing of all of the services we offer.

Lab services

All are available at Longwood Pediatrics with results available at the time of your encounter.

  • Bloodwork: CBC, Hemoglobin, Blood Glucose, Newborn Screen, Blood Culture, Lead Screen, Mononucleosis testing, Lipid Panel
  • Urine/stool tests: Urinalysis, Urine culture, Guaiac testing, Pregnancy tests
  • Diagnostic Testing: rapid strep test, throat culture, urine culture, flu test

Medical procedures

  • suture placement/removal
  • bladder catheterization
  • wound care
  • nebulizer treatments
  • pulmonary function tests
  • wart removal (freezing)
  • ear lavage
  • umbilical cauterization
  • incision and drainage
  • vaccine/medication administration
  • PPD placement/assessment
  • ear piercing
  • nursemaid’s elbow reduction


  • Vision (3 years and up)
  • Hearing (4 years and up)


  • Epipen administration
  • Asthma and metered dose inhaler/spacer
  • Medication/dosage administration
  • Travel consultation and vaccine administration

Care coordination

Behavioral health