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Division of Developmental Medicine Clinical Research Lab

When learning of an autism or ADHD diagnosis, the first question parents usually ask is what to expect for their child's future. Today we cannot provide adequate answers. Diagnosis of neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs) is often subjective, based on behavioral diagnostic criteria, with no defined, biological diagnostic test or biological measure to assess response to treatment. We must uncover the origins, manifestations and trajectory of NDDs if we are to transform care to improve outcomes. Our Clinical Research Lab (CRL) is gathering data on large numbers of patients, and monitoring treatment and outcomes over time. The ultimate goal is to tailor treatment to each patient.

Gifts will support our efforts to improve care in real time for the nearly 7,000 children we see in our clinic every year, and the ~11 million children in the US affected by developmental disabilities, through dissemination of our findings, and collaboration with partner sites across the country.

Our funders

We thank the following foundations for their generous support of the DM-CRL:

  • The Lynch Foundation
  • Croll Family Foundation