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Investigators and Research Teams | Overview

At its core, research efforts of clinical researchers within the DM-CRL aim to:

  • Develop novel approaches to collect clinical data in a structured way during each clinical encounter to improve care for our patients and increase accessibility of clinical data to inform research.
  • Identify meaningful subtypes that may respond to different treatment approaches.
  • Rigorously evaluate diagnosis, trajectory, treatment response, and outcomes for children and adolescents with neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs).
  • Link information about specific symptoms, behaviors, developmental trajectories, and treatment response to biomarkers, including electroencephalogram (EEG), functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), blood, and genetic biomarkers.
  • Promote internal and external collaboration with investigators at Boston Children’s Hospital, nationally, and internationally.



Jennifer Aites
Anne Arnett
Catherine Ayoub
Alexis Bancroft
Nicole Baumer
Ronald Becker
Julie Bickel
Eugenia Chan
Emily Davidson
Diana Deister
Katherine Driscoll
Susan Faja
Jason Fogler
Ellen Hanson
Elizabeth Harstad
Kida Ingram
Sharon Levy
Kate Linnea
Kerim Munir
Charles Nelson
Kevin Nugent
Demetra Pappas
Lisa Prock
Leonard Rappaport
Marie Reilly
Sabrina Sargado
Miriam Schizer
Patricia Schram
Kevin Simon
Jayne Singer
Cara Soccorso
Dasha Solomon
Joshua Sparrow
Nancy Sullivan
Janice Ware
Laura Weissman
Carol Weitzman
Carol Wilkinson

Post-Doctoral Fellows:
Jude Albukhari
Audrey O’Connor
Virginia (Gini) Peisch
Lauren Halladay
Erica Deshpande
Lisa Yankowitz

Research and Program Managers

Justice Clark
Katherine Pawlowski

Research Coordinators and Assistants

Michelle Coughlin
Marie Canty
Rafael DePillis
Meaghan Dyer
Maya Golden
Margaret Hojlo
Sophie Hurewitz
Anna Milliken
Sydney Reynders
Meredith Weaver